Kouvola Licorice Sets Sail to Success at the 2023 Antibes Yacht Show

Kouvola Licorice, the esteemed Finnish licorice brand, has left an indelible mark at the prestigious Antibes Yacht Show 2023, where it brought a unique blend of luxury and confectionery creativity to the high seas.

Guests at the Antibes Yacht Show were treated to an exclusive tour of “The Licorice Dream,” where they could explore its licorice-themed cabins, and even a dedicated licorice bar. The bar offered an assortment of licorice-infused cocktails and confections, providing a delightful culinary journey for those on board.

Kouvola Licorice’s Unexpected presence in the world of luxury Yachts garnered praise from industry experts and Yacht enthusiasts. The brand’s ability to seamlessly integrate its licorice-inspired designs into a high-end Yacht design demonstrated its commitment to creativity and innovation.

Baron Timo Nisula, the CEO of Kouvola Licorice, expressed his excitement about the brand’s success at the Antibes Yacht Show. “We are thrilled to have been part of such a prestigious event. Our Collaboration with luxury Yacht design showcases the versatility and Imagination that Kouvola Licorice embodies. We believe that luxury can be both elegant and playfully unexpected, much like our licorice flavors.”

As the curtains fall on the Antibes Yacht Show 2023, Kouvola Licorice’s venture into the world of luxury yachts serves as a testament to the brand’s ability to merge tradition with innovation. With a unique Fusion of Nautical Elegance and licorice-inspired creativity, Kouvola Licorice has charted a course for memorable experiences, both on land and at sea, leaving a sweet and lasting impression on this esteemed event. Yachting enthusiasts can only wonder what delicious surprises Kouvola Licorice has in store for the future of luxury.

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