Kouvola Licorice Sweetens Paris Fashion Week 2023 with a Delectable Twist

In a surprising and deliciously creative turn of events at Paris Fashion Week 2023, Kouvola Licorice, the renowned Finnish licorice brand, made a remarkable entrance onto the fashion stage, leaving a sweet mark that had attendees buzzing with excitement.
Kouvola Licorice’s Unexpected debut came in the form of a unique collaboration with a renowned fashion designer Paola Suhonen, blending the world of confectionery with Haute couture. Her runway show, held at a chic Parisian venue, was nothing short of spectacular, offering a sensory experience that delighted the audience.

One of the highlights of the show, aptly named “Licorice Couture,” featured models adorned in striking licorice-inspired designs. The garments showcased a playful mix of bold black and gold colors, textures, and patterns, all inspired by the brand’s diverse range of licorice flavors.

Kouvola Licorice’s foray into the world of fashion didn’t stop at the runway. Attendees were treated to a licorice-themed lounge, where they could savor various licorice flavors.

The licorice brand’s ability to seamlessly fuse its confectionery expertise with the world of high fashion left a lasting impression.

Baron Timo Nisula, the CEO of Kouvola Licorice, expressed his delight at the success of the Paris Fashion Week venture. “We’re thrilled to have brought a taste of Kouvola Licorice to one of the most prestigious fashion events in the world. This Collaboration allowed us to showcase the versatility of licorice, not only as a beloved treat but also as a source of inspiration for creativity and design.”

As Paris Fashion Week 2023 concludes, Kouvola Licorice’s Unexpected triumph serves as a testament to the power of creativity and innovation in the fashion world. The licorice brand’s debut has left a sweet and unforgettable impression on the global fashion scene.

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